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12 Unique Wedding Registry Ideas You Need to See 4 years ago

No matter how many weddings you’ve already visited, there are some things that you don’t know before the wedding day. Anyone who was in the role of bride or groom will tell you that the wedding day passed as an instant. Each of us wants to be original, especially when it comes to such a great day as wedding. Nowadays, not many people will be surprised by a star moderator or a fire show (not to mention a great restaurant). However, there are a few wedding registry ideas that won’t leave your guests indifferent!

Wedding in an unusual place This place can be a forest, field, pavilion by the water, or a "wishing tree" (the tree where the people can tie the ribbons and make a wish). Of course, considering our changing weather conditions, you should take care of an option for the bad weather (such as a tent). The food will be provided by catering, and the decorator will complement the beauty of nature with the details and flowers.

Original wedding ceremony A perfect complement to the non-standard place of wedding ceremony would be an unusual moderator. There are many variants: ceremony can be carried out by the special receptionist who wears the suit in the topic of your wedding, or (for example) a magician.

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Guest zone Guest zone of the mobile registration includes not only beautiful chairs on the engagement party. You can arrange a real wedding picnic! Just imagine mini-bar with drinks and ice-cream, photo zone in the open air, vintage dresser with treats, swing, relaxation area with beautiful chairs and sofa… The main thing is that the territory is furnished harmoniously!

Entertainments Entertainment is a key to the right mood of the guests. Usual competitions are not original (but they’re necessary as well). The more the guests are involved in the process, the better.

Music for the ceremony Musical accompaniment is a basis that creates the atmosphere of the ceremony. Usually, the best choice for the ceremony is string quartets, saxophone and harp. However, it often happens that DJ is responsible for the music (who has more extensive opportunities than the musician).

Trends in the menu The candy bar is a trend of the season. It can be both tasty and unusual. If you find an option of candy bar uninteresting, you can delight your guests with a stylish cheese bar.

Quadcopter Imagine that your ceremony takes place in a picturesque location (mountains, ocean, great orchard). The only way to capture that beauty from a height is to use the flying device with a camera. Luckily, nowadays many photographers and videographers use different copters for the wedding shoot.

Spectacular illumination Use different projectors and illumination! It will help you create a spectacular design or, for instance, divide the hall into thematic zones.

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Story of your love on the wedding carpet Who said that the wedding carpet must be white? You can decorate it by writing the story of your love on the long cloth. You’re allowed to alternate the words with the pictures of your happy couple. Such an original carpet will show that you passed through all the stages of relationship together and your love led you to the aisle.

Hints for the books of wishes The guests often don’t know what to write in the book of dreams. They don’t want to be repeated and tell banalities, but what to write? Help the guests and leave them the cards with clues or leave the leading questions on the pages of the book.

Say without words Signs and infographics work 100% – they create a fun vibe and add individuality. Prepare the tables with symptoms that characterize the bride and groom, amuse the guests and tell them where to go, what to do and how to behave.

Dirty dancing What could be better than fiery dances? But don’t suppose that once the music starts, the guests will go dancing. For this purpose, you’ll need a real “spark plug” (a professional dancer). Invite one or several charismatic dancers, who can entice the guests to the dance floor and join them, or better still – teach all the guests simple movements and organize a flash mob.