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5 Golden Rules Will Make You a Recruiter Magnet 4 years ago

Want to be a recruiter magnet? Continue reading this article to know how! The current job market has gone digital and searching for a job goes beyond your resume document and portfolio. Recruiters are currently looking for individuals who are promoting themselves either through social media and other avenues. In this post, we will show you how to be a recruiter magnet via your LinkedIn profile.

Note that unlike in the past when you had to apply for jobs, today, jobs come to you but you need to know how to attract recruiters. But how do you achieve this? Even the best resume writing service will advise you to ensure you are active on relevant social media platforms. This is where you will showcase your brand to potential employers.

LinkedIn is a professional platform that has transformed the recruitment world making it easier for employers and recruiters to interact. However, there are many factors that an individual must consider when job hunting. For instance, you will need to update your profile regularly to show your recent skills and strengths.

There are more recruiters on LinkedIn and so job seekers need to take advantage of this giant professional social media network. But this is for those who can be a recruiter magnet. To achieve this and ensure recruiters who are searching for individuals like you, read the following 5 golden rules.

1. Include a tagline under your name In this section, you need to make recruiters know what you are good at without wasting their time. Create a compelling tagline that includes the relevant kinds of phrases that recruiters are using to search for individuals for particular positions in their companies. Note that you must ensure your tagline communicates who you are.

If you are not sure about what taglines are searchable you can research for relevant jobs on the internet to learn the job titles that are mostly used. You must understand that your tagline and your LinkedIn profile pic are the things that a recruiter will come into contact before they proceed to read through your profile.

Now consider a scenario where a recruiter runs a search and more than 10 profiles appear on the first page. You happen to appear in the search results. What criteria will the recruiter use to click on the profiles? Definitely, it’s your tagline and your profile pic. This is the main reason why this is crucial when you want to be a recruiter magnet on LinkedIn.

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2. Use a professional-looking profile image While this information has been shared widely on the internet, you will still find individuals using photos that are cropped out from a group or photos that contain funny background images.

You want to attract recruiters and so, choose a photo that will make a potential employer feel the urge to click your profile. Note that the photo you choose to use in your profile will communicate who you are than the words you use. Try to use a headshot that displays you from the shoulders up.

It won’t matter whether you decide to take the picture yourself or you ask a professional to do it, it is important to ensure your photo will suit the position you spire.

3. Create a compelling summary To make yourself a recruiter magnet, you need to wow them with a compelling profile summary. The best way is to put your summary in the first person. Note that this is the most significant section so you need to pay attention to it.

In this case, you need to show the recruiter what you are good at and how many years of experience you have in your particular field. Don’t forget to showcase your expertise as well as how you developed it. Finally, showcase your proficiency but ensure to stay relevant.

Sometimes it is advisable to include your email at the beginning of your summary so that you can easily be contacted by recruiters when you appear as a 3rd Degree masked connection when they run a search.

4. Ensure to complete every section of your profile with pertinent information If you are using LinkedIn as your tool to attract recruiters, you must ensure to complete your profile with up-to-date and relevant information to the filed you are in. Note that a recruiter will contact you only after going through your profile.

This means they will check your education, employment history, certifications, projects, and skills as well as volunteer activities if any. The more detailed you are the more chances you get to attract a potential recruiter. And don’t forget to use keywords that are relevant to your industry.

Also, you need to ensure your previous work history matches the job you are aspiring or if not then the skills should be relevant. For instance, it will be difficult to attract a recruiter searching for a web developer when you have no experience and skills relevant to the position.

5. Stay active and up-to-date If you want your LinkedIn profile to be seen and attract potential recruiters, you must ensure to be active. Spend about half an hour daily on weekdays to share helpful and informative information you have created or from the internet.

If you find an interesting post made by your connections, don’t leave without putting a comment or “Like”. By doing this you will make recruiters know that you are responsive if they contact you. if you are inactive, they will not bother to reach out to you.

Note that what you post or share whether you created it or it is from the internet must be relevant to the industry you are in. In fact, the best thing is to publish your own industry-specific articles.

Conclusion LinkedIn is a great platform for potential recruiters to find suitable candidates, but it is also a great network for job seekers to attract potential employers.

If you want to be a recruiter magnet using your LinkedIn profile put more effort to ensure you can be seen by employers when they search for potential candidates. Also, ensure your profile is attractive enough for potential recruiters to click.